"whether you need a custom part for a super yacht or an entire pleasure craft, we provide full scope of services from concept drawings and 3D models to stability calculations and construction drawings"


True yacht design should be considered the royal discipline in boat building. It is a task which needs a full set of knowledge based on deep understanding of engineering of both structures and systems as well as disciplines of naval architecture such as stability and performance predictions. There are many who claim themselves yacht designers, but very few with the full skillset. We understand yachts as crafts that combine beauty and function in a unique way to suite their purpose and meet their owner´s demands. The two aspects ‐ aesthetics and technical ‐ are tightly interwoven and it is impossible to achieve one without considering the other. Our philosophy is to provide full scope of knowledge, which allows us to offer our clients full service, from design study to construction drawings.


For large projects, we supply shipyards and component manufacturers with design engineering services. These involve 3d modelling, system routing and delivery of layup plans for composite manufacturing. From custom flag posts over superyacht masts to yacht tenders.


We create basic design drawings and net space models for complex projects in both interior and exterior areas to help our clients define and determine crucial interfaces between systems in early stage of the design process.

Please get in touch, we will be happy to discuss your particular design needs in detail.