"we understand the relationship between the yacht-men and their yachts and we pay attention to your boat, as if it had been our own"


You want to buy a boat and need professional advice? We can help you with the choice of the right boat. We determine the technical and structural condition for you. Not just what meets the eye, we survey the craft thoroughly, looking for hidden defects and damage caused by accidents or osmosis. Buying a boat is a rare occasion and understanding what you buy can prevent any headaches. Not only you gain security for your purchase decision, but you can use the freshly obtained knowledge for further negotiations.


Would you like to have your boat insured? We will prepare a valuation report for you and determine the replacement value so that you can make the right insurance choices


Do you disagree with the repair of your boat or with the amount of the invoice from the shipyard? Have you noticed any defects after buying a boat? We assess the quality of the repair and document these for further use. Our experts can help you with the preservation of evidence so that you can better enforce your claims.


Do you need a damage report after an accident? We will prepare a damage report for you so that you can assert your claim for damages with the insurance company. The costs for the damage report are part of your claim for damages and are therefore reimbursable.

Located in Schwerin, Germany, half way between Hamburg and Berlin makes us particularly well positioned for the German coast of Baltic sea and the lakes in Berlin area. At the same time, we are within reach of two major international airports, which allows us to reach destinations in Europe within hours. If you need a survey or consultancy regarding the above and other yacht related issues, please don´t hesitate to contact us.


I´m very thankful to the Naval Office and their experience, for saving me from a purchase of what turned out to be a complete wreck. They were aware of every bolt which requires attention, every certificate which needs to be obtained. Once again many thanks for cooperation!