Welcome to Naval Office

The Naval Office offers expertise in ship and boat building, ranging from conception to construction drawings and project management to expert opinions on the value and technical condition of the existing pleasure craft. We pride ourselves on providing the right skills to our customers for every request.

We are seated in Schwerin, Germany about 100 km east of Hamburg, however we provide services for the entire industry, regardless where you or your project currently are. If you are interested in our services, please get in touch for more information. We provide time and cost guidance for our clients to review before any commitments are made. Our prices are competitive and adequate for the level of technical expertise required for your project.

Our services

Regardless of, whether you are requesting a specific part for a super yacht or an entire pleasure craft, we offer comprehensive services from concept drawings and 3-D models to stability calculations and construction drawings.

Our experience in shipbuilding enables us to provide project management services for a wide range of clients.

Based on our years long experience in yachting, we can provide you with technical expertise and advice with purchase or in case of damage. Depending on the situation, we deliver a range of reports and consulting services to suite your needs.

We offer a comprehensive range of services and proven expertise